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Advantages of Genetic Testing for Alzheimer's

There are many reasons for memory problems encountered in middle aged persons: stress, depression, alcohol and medication use, just to name a few. But it could also be the beginning of Alzheimer's dementia. Our genotyping service will analyze your DNA and provide valuable information that could tell if you as an individual have genetic risk factors for this disease. 

If you know your genetic odds, you can: 

Plan for the future. An important advantage of knowing about Alzheimer's in the early stages is that people and their loved ones can begin planning for the future - discussing what medical care or living arrangements might be needed, as well as making decisions about healthcare, power of attorney and more.

Protect your and your family's assets by taking necessary legal steps to make key financial and care decisions while functioning at the highest possible level

Decide whether to purchase long-term care insurance

Take advantage of treatment and prevention options that may become available in the future

Enroll in Alzheimer's disease clinical research 

Adjust your life-style to minimize your personal risk

Treat other causes of memory loss such as:

 Vitamin deficiency (B12, folate)

 Excessive alcohol use

 Hormone abnormalities (e.g. thyroid hormone deficiency)

 Certain over the counter or prescription medications

 Depression or other mood-related disorders

We cannot control our genetic predisposition. However, we can learn about it and shape our environment to maintain good health and high quality of life, physical and emotional. In fact, new studies show that knowledge of one's genetic information does exactly that: it motivates to adopt health lifestyles.


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 All tests include

A Personalized Report

A Detailed Description of Health Steps That Could Help Reduce Disease Risk 

Telephone Session With a Physician to Answer Your Questions

How to place your Order
  1. To order a test, select the desired item and, when prompted, click on the Add to Cart button
  2. You will be redirected to a secure website to complete your transaction. We accept major credit cards and PayPal. 
What is in the Box
  1. Sterile cheek swab
  2. Saliva sample collection Microcard 
  3. Self-sealing pouch for sample shipping
  4. Prepaid envelope for shipping (US only)
  5. Instruction sheet
  6. Consent form
 Preview the Consent form here 
    Unopened packages can be returned within 30 days for a full refund minus 15% restocking fee. Actual packaging may differ from that shown in the illustration.